I love watching the social media posts of those of you at Seminar. I know what fun you’re having. I know how inspired you are. I know how full your heart is with dreams and belief.

I also know what it’s like when you come home. I mean it doesn’t have to be coming home from Seminar…coming home from vacation can have the same results. My husband and I went a little getaway for our birthdays/anniversary just last May. We have four children, three of whom live at home. When we returned, excited about the beginning of summer, the fact that our oldest daughter would be coming home soon for a few weeks. Everything was lovely. We were relaxed and in love like newlyweds. The moment we got back…the very moment, we discovered that one of our dogs had eaten a large amount of chocolate. Teenagers had been staying at home and someone left it accessible. So, it was my job to induce vomiting. When you get a dog to vomit, it doesn’t just barf and it’s over. It goes on and on and on. I also found out that one of those teenagers had broken some very important rules while I was gone, so while cleaning up barf and trying to keep dogs outside I was contemplating my lecture. My youngest daughter was either excited or disappointed, I can’t remember which right now but she was talking incessantly. My husband walked in the room and said, “Welcome to the circus.” (He didn’t actually say circus, but this is a PG blog.) But you get what I’m saying. All of our good vacation vibes were blown in the first 15 minutes of being home.

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Vacation is different. The only way to get those good vacation feelings back is to go on vacation. When you go to Seminar thought you need to find a way to hold on to those inspirational stories, those “aha” moments and focus on what you learned so that you can reach those goals for next year. Here are a few quick and easy ways to stay focused and preserve the Pink Bubble.

  1. Print your Seminar pictures and put them up everywhere. Did you take a picture of yourself in the career car of your dreams? Print it, multiples even and put them everywhere. Those pictures you took of the courts, print those and imagine your self as one of the recipients walking down those lovely stairs.
  2. Go through your notes and write your quotes on note cards. I know you heard speakers say things that changed your life. Write that down so you can remember it throughout the seminar year.
  3. Go to meetings. Each of your director’s meetings is like a little mini-seminar. Stay connected with her and with your sister consultants for accountability and support.
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Preserving the pink bubble takes a little work, it’s also a mindset. You can’t let someone rain on your parade. Keep focused and next year, you’ll see your self doing exactly what you imagined.

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