Imagine if a new boutique opened up near you and it looked super cute. They advertise great brands you’ve heard of and you like or think you might want to try. The sign is up, the lights are on. Imagine if the owner of the store called you and said: “Hey, I’m having a grand opening tonight, why don’t you stop by…there’ll be snacks.” So you go…but, when you get there, the racks are mostly empty. She has a few cute things but not in your size. The things that are in your size aren’t your style. When you ask the owner why she doesn’t have more items she says that as her business grows she’ll have more to offer. But…there’s nothing for you to buy tonight and you kind of wanted to. What do you do?

For this boutique owner to be successful she needs to plan to be successful. She’s not going to sell items she doesn’t have. We ALL know that sometimes you have bought something because it was there, cute and fit just right. We know we buy things because they make us feel good and we are happy to have something new and pretty. This isn’t true all of the time, but good marketers are experts at the impulse buy. They know how to increase their sales simply by having products well placed, and well…there.

The same is true for your business. If you want to be successful, you have to plan on success. Mary Kay was famous for saying “you can’t sell out of an empty wagon.” That has never been truer. We live in an instant society. Why do you think Amazon has Prime and Target has instant orders you can order from your phone and have someone run out to your car? We don’t want to wait. We’ve got fast food, fast internet, and fast delivery. In order to meet those demands, you have to have products on hand.

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June is the best time to order because starting July 1st is a brand new year in MK. You can start fresh as if it were new years eve. Start this July ready to open a fully stocked, beautiful boutique of your very own. Talk to your director about what a full inventory means for you. Talk to hear about how to SELL what you order and how to be the business owner you’ve always dreamed of being.

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