Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the demands social media places on your business. 20 years ago keeping in touch meant mailers and phone calls. Sure, that took time, but now you are expected to manage professional looking social media accounts with regular postings. This can be especially tricky because Mary Kay is so restricted in their branding. I did a little research and found some great resources on the marykayintouch website. I’m sure you’ve found them already but just in case you’re doing any questionable posting, here are some of the guidelines.

  • Don’t create your own how-to videos. I imagine this is the same philosophy that Mary Kay had when she said in regards to selling product at swap meets and garage sales, “you wouldn’t buy a Cadillac at a junkyard.” YouTube and Social Media sites, in general, can be a little….cluttered. Not only that, filming videos and taking professional pictures of products is costly and time-consuming.  Mary Kay has provided you with beautiful videos with the correct way to use your products. You can find those videos here. (You’ll need to log in to intouch to see the link.)
  • Only post approved images. Again, branding and images are very important to Mary Kay. Probably because this was important to the founder herself. Be sure you use the approved images provided to you. You can find them here.
  • You CAN live stream on FaceBook but only on your business page. FB guidelines prohibit you from advertising for commercial gain on your personal FB page. So be sure to create a customer page and encourage your “friends” to follow you there.
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There is so much more to know. I know you want to run your business ethically and also be lucrative. Be sure to follow these guidelines and I think you’ll find it much simpler. So much content has been created for you. Content creation is really the hardest part! If you have further questions be sure to talk to your director. You can also log into and click on resources then click on digital assets and digital zone for more information.

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