Every consultant has been there. You’ve packed your bags, gotten dinner ready for your family. You’ve made arrangements for carpool from whatever after school activity keeps them late. Now, you’re walking out the door and you get a text from your hostess.

“Sorry, I’m going to have to cancel tonight. My dog is throwing up everywhere.”

Fun times.

So you turn around and walk back in the house. You’re completely bummed because you needed the money. You needed the future bookings, you needed to meet new people.

Now what?

What do you do when your party falls through? What do you do when you were planning on making some money and now you’re home doing dishes?

Many consultants are worried about double booking. Let’s address those concerns and discuss ways you can double book for success.


Don’t be afraid to double book. It can be the very best thing for your business. Remember activity breeds activity. If you stay busy…you’ll stay busy. Don’t ever leave a party with out a booking or two if you can. If you need help with ideas on how to get bookings from bookings, talk to your director. She’s a wealth of information!


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