Maybe you’ve already been to seminar 2017.

Maybe you’re on your way.

Maybe you’re there right now.

Where ever you are in your Seminar experience, you’ve got to soak it up.

First, it’s pretty special that you got to attend. You had to make countless arrangements at home. If you have a family, you had to arrange childcare, meals, pick ups and drop offs…the list there is just endless. Not to mention what things look like when you get home.

If you have a full time job you had to use a few vacation days, you might have left your coworkers in the middle of a big project. You could have left patients or clients without you for a few days. Thank your back up person.

Not only that, you had to pay for travel, hotel and food. It wasn’t cheap. But you did it. Here you are. That’s pretty special and it’s for a reason.

Now, you’re sitting in the arena listening to the top director speech.


She sounds so much like you. She sounds like just a regular woman (Except her hair, it’s awesome. Note to self, get awesome hair.)

That could be…you.

Breathe it in.

Write down every word she says.

Do it.

She has been where you are today. She has faced the same struggles.

If she can, you can.

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds. The crowd applauding, the names being announced. Put your name there. The applause is for you.


Next year, you won’t stay home. You’ll walk across that stage, you’ll wear the dress.

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Your feet may be sore, but your mind is swimming with ideas. Your heart feels the excitement and you know. This is the time, this is your time.

Put action on your plans. You can do it! We’ll be here helping you track every sale, every wholesale purchase, every commission check earned. We believe in you.

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