I’m so excited to introduce our “In the Spotlight” blog series. Once a month I’m going to interview one of our beloved Pink Office users to find out more about her, how she makes her business work, and how Pink Office has helped her be successful.


I chose Terry to be our first Spotlight user because of her wonderful personality and constant positivity. I’ve loved communicating with her via live chat and I’m so excited to introduce her to you! Here’s our interview:

Carrie: So Terry, what drew you to Mary Kay?

Terry: I became a MK consultant because I wanted to work…just not for corporate America. I was impressed with how the company was developed by MK and once I read her autobiography I was ready to join!

Carrie: She does have a beautiful story! So, before becoming a consultant what was your biggest concern and how have you since overcome that?

Terry: My biggest concern before becoming a MK consultant was really just fear. Would I be good at this? I was not taking care of my skin and had no cosmetic knowledge of any kind. I was discouraged from wearing any make up by my mother so the whole thought process of doing something like MK was very overwhelming for me. I overcame those concerns by being a good student. I ready the WHOLE manual and did whatever my director told me to do without questioning her. I feel I am successful today because I continue to feed my need for knowledge. I read a lot and listen to those who are in the position I want next.

Carrie: Listening to your director is really great, it’s just so important. How long have you been using Pink Office and how do you feel it impacts your business?

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Terry: I have been using PO for over 10 years. Really since it began. I travel a lot and being able to see what is on my shelf at a moment’s notice is great. I have over 350 customers so keeping track of their needs is very important to me. My customers are always impressed when they ask me about a product they purchased a while back and I can pull up their history and tell them what that was! It makes me look good and it’s a very simple system to use. I believe in our business we sometimes don’t purchase a system like PO thinking we will save money when time is money and being able to put my finger on what I need whether I am in the car or at my office is a big time saver. Also, doing my taxes is so much simpler. I can print about 5 reports off PO and have tons of the information my tax accountant needs to fill out my taxes! Again….it’s a time saver for me!

Carrie: Wow, that is really great. I think the key to having such great reports is being really good at entering in your information. Those reports totally change tax time for sure. Since you’re such a long time user what tips would you give to someone (either a new consultant or a long time consultant) who is new to using Pink Office?

Terry: Put the tools in place that will support your business and don’t nickle and dime yourself to death! Spending a little each month and having a professional system like PO always puts you in the driver’s seat. I educate each of my new consultant’s about this system and tell them it will save them time and money in their business!

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Carrie: That is really great, so other than Pink Office, what advice would you give a brand new beauty consultant about her MK business?

Terry: My best tip to consultants to new and seasoned consultants is try every product so you know and understand it’s uses. We get stuck only knowing about the products we use. Be a head to toe MK user….challenge yourself to learn about 1 new product each week and watch your business grow!

Carrie: Speaking of products, what is your favorite product and why? And/or do you have any product tips that are unusual or unique?

Terry: I am SUPER oily and I love blemish control toner. I have found most consultants do not understand it’s use and why it’s so amazing for oily/blemish prone customers. Using it once a day for two weeks, then twice a day with a cotton pad or cotton ball (not tissue or toilet paper!) will help resolve the oily issue, even if you don’t break out, which I usually do not. The consistency of use with Blemish toner makes a world of difference on my skin! Of course I LOVE all my MK products. It’s always so hard to choose!

Carrie: Oh my gosh, this is such great information! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with everyone here. We really love our users and it is so nice to hear from you!

Terry: Thank you for asking me to give feedback! I love PO and can’t imagine my business without it!

Carrie: If you’re finding this blog and are interested in learning more about Mary Kay you can contact Terry through her personal website. https://www.marykay.com/tholcomb

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