Ask any Kindergartener, ok almost any Kindergartener, and they will tell you there are 12 months in a year. Sometimes they even know a fun little jingle to help them remember all the names. But, did you know you could be missing a month?

That month is July! Yup, July.

Why? You ask. How?

Well, right now while you are racing to the finish line to meet your seminar year end goals, you might be forgetting to book your July. OR, when midnight rolls around on June 30th you might be tempted to take a deep breath and a long vacation.

Or, perhaps it has become dreadfully apparent that you won’t reach a goal you set for Seminar 2017. What now?

Book your July!

Here’s the thing, without July you’ll have to break down all of your goals into 11 month segments, or even 9 or 10 if you’re slow to get back your momentum. How many new team members do I have to add each month to be in the Queens court of recruiting? That number is going to be different if you start in October than if you just start NOW!

Now is the time. July matters. So eat a hot dog and celebrate your freedom to work and achieve.


Before you jump on the phone and give up on June, let’s talk just a little about making it happen. If you don’t think you can just give it a go…you’ve still got 24 days. (Or however many are left from the time you’re reading this.) Do what ever it takes. Try. You’ll be so proud of yourself when you walk across that stage at Seminar, or when your director recognizes you. And if by some chance you don’t reach your goal think about how much stronger your business will be. Think of how much money you’ll make and how proud you’ll be to know you gave it your very best. So…don’t forget June either. Work until the very end! You can do it!!!

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We’d love to hear of all your achievements. Please share here or on our FB page! It’s always ok to brag to the Pink Office team. We just love to hear how you succeed!

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