Something new is happening for my family this year, but it is something that happens every year, in every town, city and state across the country. It’s new to me, but not new at all. My daughter is graduating. I have found that senior year is expensive. There are dresses, pictures, parties, trips, and events. My sweet girl wants to look beautiful for each of these and of course she’s got the MK hook up. I however started thinking about what a big business graduation and senior year is. I also started thinking that I want people to say to me “You don’t look like you’re old enough to have a kid that age.” If I feel this way, so does every other mom. Are you missing out on this huge opportunity. Mother/daughter make overs should be the next big senior year thing to do. There are millions of moms and daughters (and moms with sons) just waiting for a make over, their just waiting for the skin care that will make them look fabulous at that Graduation Open House. The perfect lip color, bodacious lashes and glowing young looking skin are wanted by all. Some ideas I had were to find a photographer to team up with. You’ll advertise their business to every senior and his or her mom that you meet and she’ll refer her clients to you. (Be sure she not only gives them your card but has a way to get their info back to you…some kind of prize perhaps.) Every girl needs a make over before her photo shoot. Also, you can network at your own child’s school. Check the sports rosters and find out what kids are seniors, look at your school’s directory. Walk your pretty little self up to those kids’ mommas and tell her what you do. I’m telling you, if you offer a mom the chance to sit down with her not-a-baby-any-more baby for some girl time she’ll do it. (Also they have besties!) I for one would do just about anything to spend a little extra time with my girl. Be sure to comment or leave us a message on FaceBook to let us know how you’re going to be sure you don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime…that comes around every single year!

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