I just took a minute to read some of the press releases that have put Mary Kay in the news lately. Google “Mary Kay in the News” and you’ll be brought to this site http://newsroom.marykay.com/. I was so encouraged by the stories of how Mary Kay is enriching the lives of Women across America, no…across the world. They partly do this through their charitable foundation, through conferences that pour money into communities and campaigns to support and educate women about domestic violence.

So, what influence can an independent beauty consultant with a few products in the trunk of her car have on another women? What can happen at a facial, at a skin care party or a sharing appointment to impact the lives of women? How can a consultant act on a small scale the with the same impact the company acts by large?

It seems that is up to the consultant conducting the facial. Is she listening? Is she meeting women who need more than younger looking skin or killer lashes? Probably, but she must listen.

Sometimes in sales it’s easy to focus on our presentations, it’s easy to do all the talking. In our country now, with women’s issues at the forefront of so many minds I think it’s time that someone listen. Only when we listen will we be able to hear. We’ll hear the needs for great skin care and killer lashes, but just maybe other needs will be spoken. They might be spoken quietly or hidden within subtle comments.

Maybe the need is simply to feel beautiful, to relax or to connect. Oddly, this little thing you do, this make up, this selling of skin care, it is merely a vehicle one can use to be the good, to do the right for each and every beautiful face you encounter. Make it count.

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