It’s already the middle of February. Spring break will be here soon with all its wonderful distractions. You’ll be tempted to clean out closets and bust out the shorts and sundresses before long.


But wait, don’t forget your business.

I was just thumbing through latest issue of Applause Magazine and am just loving the new spring products! Use those to your advantage as you contact your customers.


Be sure to check out all of the promotions the company is running to help you keep focused.

Also, remember if you’re feeling a certain way, your customers are too. Are you feeling like a spring refresher on your make up colors? Then your customers are too. Are you ready to ditch your winter lip color for something light and springy? Your customers are too. Are you feeling like maybe when your moisturizer runs out you’re going to get a lighter one? Then your customers are too.

Spring is the perfect time to contact all of your customers about new products. Spring is the perfect time for parties. Book them now and watch your calendar and your bank account fill up.

Keeping your seminar goals in front of you all the time will help make them a reality. Career Conference is a great way to stay focused on the home stretch. Be sure to register for a career conference near you!

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