Every spring, millions of couples get married. The bridal business is BIG. Are you taking advantage of this wonderful money making, customer building and team building opportunity? Here are some ideas on how to make bridal season work for you.

First, you’ve got to meet the brides!

Call bridal stores and offer to be a door greeter. While you are there you will give each bride some kind of special token, a tiny celo bag with a lip color sample, a chocolate kiss and your business card would be perfect. Have them enter in a drawing for some free product and set up dates for their free bridal makeover (way before the wedding.) You can do your bridal make over like any skin care party. Be sure she invites her bride’s maids, mother, mother of the groom, aunts whoever she wants. This is such a special time for these girls to spend together.

Another way to meet brides is to participate in a bridal fair that are is held a a community center or convention center. This can be costly, so I would recommend getting together with several other consultants and working different shifts. You can book on the spot! Every one that wants can enter to win some free product and you split the names fairly with your sister consultants. You’ll get hundreds of names. The key to the bookings is the follow up!

Speaking of follow up that is the second step.

Be sure every one gets a call! You’ve got to get in contact with every person whom you met or who dropped their card in the fish bowl. Be sure to let them all know they won a free bridal makeover! This is a great way to not only meet lots of new customers. Be sure she invites friends and relatives to join her. Make a system for follow up and take lots of notes. When did you send a text, what did it say? Did she reply? Did you try calling? Be sure to follow up several times so that you are sure she has gotten the message.

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Make the party special and fun.

Once she’s agreed to getting together make the party all about the bride! Make her feel special and beautiful! Be sure to have a solid table close and get those second bookings! You want to be sure that everyone of those bride’s maids has her own private makeover and an opportunity to invite her own friends. Keep the ball rolling!

Here are some other fun tips.

Have the bride compose a bridal look wish list and tell you 5 names you could call that might want to help purchase her Wedding day make up and new wifey skin care. These will be referrals. You can even give them a special discount on purchases they make for themselves when they help the bride to be. (This has party potential, be sure to turn these calls into bookings.)

Encourage the bride to choose a matching look for each bride’s maid. These are great wedding party gifts or even if she just wants to add the lip color to a wedding day goodie bag for her girls.

Be sure she starts a new skin care 3–6 months before the big day. She’ll love how her skin glows as she walks down the isle.

I’m sure you have lots of lovely wedding day and bridal tips. Share them here or on Facebook. I can’t wait to hear how your business booms!

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