Billions, that’s right, billions of dollars will be spent on black Friday. Shoppers will push and shove and some one will likely be injured. Though I hope greatly you miss out on the injury part of that scenario I hope that you are making a plan right now to not miss out on the financial aspect. Here are some quick ideas to make some quick holiday cash with your Mary Kay business on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Objections: I live too far out of town to have an open house. That’s OK, do you have a good friend, great hostess or place of business that would let you have a special spot for just one day? (Remember you can’t sell out of a retail location but you CAN take orders.) Be sure you give your friend/hostess something special for her trouble. Make it worth her time! She could partner with you and invite people you may not even know!

I don’t have enough product to have an open house. That’s OK too! You can have a display only/order only open house OR you could have a virtual open house with specials every hour! Your options are really limitless!


Cyber Monday is the Monday following Thanksgiving. Apparently every one goes back to work after the long weekend and spends what ever they didn’t spend on Friday. This is your opportunity to make some of that cash!

Social media is your friend. FB, Instagram and Twitter are your BFF’s! You can start a FB event and post hourly. Post hourly on Instagram. Be sure to contact anyone who didn’t come to your open house. Make calls, send texts and sell some product.

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This is going to take work. Even Target has to advertise. So do you, but your job is bigger because you are adding personal touch.

As always be sure to contact your director for scripts and more great ideas on how to make the most out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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