A dear friend of mine had her MK business sitting on a shelf for a couple of years. It was sitting back there like Christmas decorations or a waffle iron. Waiting for just the right day. That day came when it became necessary to put her son in a private school. She needed a way to pay for that. She considered getting a job outside the home but, she’s the mom. I mean like THE mom….you know, the one that brings the cookies and thinks of all the things I wish I thought of. She’s on top of it and seems to get everything done. Getting a job that would take her out of the action for hours at a time just doesn’t seem reasonable. So when it became necessary for her to add to the family income she neatly unpacked her Mary Kay business and dusted off her datebook. Now she’s back in action making appointments and selling skin care. After getting back in the swing of things she’s already got the first month’s tuition payment taken care of now she’s working toward the next. I’m so proud of her!


That got me thinking about all the reasons women choose to do Mary Kay. Why would you sell lipstick and skin care when you could be watching the newest episode of “This is Us?” (Thank goodness for apple TV right?) Women have lots of reasons for setting up the mirrors and squirting out dollops of cleanser. Extra income is definitely the byproduct but I think a lot of times it is about so much more…or maybe it starts out as being for income and evolves into something all new.

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It could be for friends.

It could be because you need a car.

It could be because that dream career you thought you had turned out to be a nightmare.

It could be because babies can’t talk…and…so…many…diapers, you need to get out.

It could be because you refuse to go in debt for Christmas, ever again.

It could be because you need need an extra $200 a month (or $2000…or $10,000)

I’ve been around the MK world for so many years now that I think I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen consultants who held a party a month and had the best friends ever in the world at her MK meetings and I’ve seen the checks of the top directors who work hard and play harder. I have to tell you, there is room for every kind of why and plenty of room at the top.

I would love to hear your “why.” Comment here or on Facebook if you’d like to share.

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