“No.” That’s a hard word to hear when you’re in sales.


You put on your good shoes for this!

You got nervous and put yourself out there, and she said, “no.”

What do you say? How do you feel? Will this paralyze you? Will you put those work shoes on another day?

First, perhaps there was an objection you didn’t overcome in your presentation or in your proposition. If you can overcome your clients objections before they can say “no” you’ll address their concerns and give them less reasons to object.

Let’s take saying “no” to a sale for our first example.

Was it a financial situation? Did you discuss payment plans and hostess options in your presentation? If you did, it’s ok if she doesn’t have the money. Perhaps she needs an opportunity to make some money…I bet you know of one.

Did she say no because she didn’t want the WHOLE set? Did you offer product set options and add ons in your presentation? Did your table close include how to get a lot or a little?

Did she say no because she didn’t experience a product she enjoyed? Did you offer her the chance to try a different product or set? You could give her foil samples of another type of skin care and ask her permission to follow up.

Be sure you cover all those options before the words “no” ever exit her lips.

What if some one says “no” to an appointment?

Often times people will say no because they don’t want to do the work required to get people to a party. If the parties you host are a BLAST, that shouldn’t be a problem. So first and foremost don’t forget to have fun, don’t forget to BE fun! Also, before you ask some one to hostess, be sure you explain that you do all the leg work. You’ll send the invitations, you’ll make the calls. She just has to get you a list. Make sure she is highly rewarded for sharing her friends and her time. Customers will be waiting in line to hostess when you make them feel SO special.

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