How much am I spending on coffee during interviews? What about business attire?


What were my total wholesale purchases last year? What am I spending on gas?

These are the questions that only complete reporting can answer.

When you started your business, you were excited and scared. You found Pink Office and felt relieved, you know you have the tools it takes to run your business like a business. Be sure you are using them! Enter your expenses, import your orders and track your mileage.

Pink Office allows you to do more than check how many Miracle Sets you have on hand and send a message to a customer. You can have the actual financial records your business needs to file taxes, learn more about your spending habits and ultimately make the decisions necessary to MAKE money.

Don’t get caught up in the hype, be sure your business tool that you are spending your time and money on offers a complete reporting package so that when April rolls around you aren’t stressing about what money you’ve spent and what money you’ve actually made.

Click the “reports” tab from your dashboard and check out the “Tax info report.” You may also want to look at your “inventory value report” and your “top expenses report.” Be sure to enter your expenses in the money section so that you can be sure you aren’t spending all your hard earned cash on coffee and shoes…well maybe the shoes part is ok.

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