Honesty has been on my mind today and I just had to share my thoughts with you.

I researched a health and fitness product that I am, or was, recently interested in. I know people that use this product and they are excited about it. I’m sure they are being honest about their experience, but the information the company provided about the product is vague and has a lot of filler words. I felt a little deceived, or like they are attempting to deceive. I feel like the main focus of the product isn’t the product at all, but an attempt to get me to “sell” the product.

Then I started thinking about MK and the emphasis on honesty and integrity. You have no reason to be dishonest. You have actual scientific testing to back your products. You have years and years of proof of concept for the business model. I think that Mary Kay is one of the few remaining companies that can claim that. On top of all of that the company supports women who go beyond what is profitable and beyond what is required to help others. The go give award celebrates integrity, it celebrates being willing to give and not receive.

If you ever feel nervous about sharing the opportunity with a friend or new acquaintance, if you ever feel nervous about sharing the product with anyone just remember that honesty is the very best policy. It is truly a best business practice. Your company is honest, they tell you the truth. You can trust that you are telling your customers the truth when you present company information to them. You can trust that you are telling your customers the truth when you present product information to them. I love that you can actually make money in Mary Kay selling the product. So many direct sales companies are about recruiting alone. Now, I know that you can make even more money in Mary Kay when you recruit, but that isn’t required. You can have a great business selling real, actual products that really actually work.

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You should be proud of what you do. You should feel good that you chose Mary Kay. I think that must mean that you value honesty and that you are a woman of integrity. Good job.

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