I get a graduation announcement in the mail every day. I am sure it is because of the age of my children, but it stands as an overwhelming notice of how busy this time of year is. Even if you are an empty nester or nursing spring is just busy. I know you are asking yourself, with just weeks until the end of the seminar year “Should I just give up on my goals.” I have heard stories from top directors who talk about being thousands of dollars away, many recruits away from their goals with only weeks left and still making it by seminar year end. Seek out these stories, surround yourself with greatness…then work.

I must ask you, what is the worst thing that can happen?

You don’t reach your goal…but imagine the momentum you created by working so hard so fast. You could have that girl on your team. You know, the one that makes you race toward directorship because you want her to be your spin-off, not your director’s. You could meet that hostess. You know, the one who brings you tons of customers and thousands of dollars in sales. Even if by chance you missed your deadline you could still earn the use of that care and wear that suit.

It’s not too late to work, it’s not to late to try. Find your passion, find your fire and set off in the right direction while you DO still have time. Contact your director today and tell her you’re ready to see what can happen with this MK thing.

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