Being in and around the MK world for 18 years now I’ve heard this question over and over. Should I recruit? Will my new recruit take away my customers? Would I make more money from my recruit as a customer?

Let’s address each question.

1.Should I recruit:

First of all the answer is really simple. Yes. What have you learned during your time, short or long, with MK? Have you increased your time management skills, developed listening skills, enjoyed time with like minded women, or learned how to look your best and feel good about yourself? Why wouldn’t you share that?

2. Will my new recruit take away my customers?

I see where you’re coming from with this. Your new recruit is likely your hostess who invited 10 people and it was totally your best party ever where you sold a ton. You already made that money, that is great. They are going to have reorders because who doesn’t LOVE MK products. She has the beginnings of her business ready made because you already introduced her 9 closest friends and that one weird neighbor to products she loves. That is wonderful for her! Yes…I’m talking about her…not you. One of my favorite quotes ever is “Help enough other people get what they want and you will get what you want.” (I don’t know who originally said it and it is one of those quotes that can be attributed to a lot of people. Nonetheless it’s good stuff.) YOU already know how to get great hostesses. YOU did it once and can do it again and YOU can teach her how to do that too. So…those are her customers, now go out and find some more. Also, she isn’t taking ALL your customers…just a handful from that party. Unless last week was your first week with MK surely you have more than 9 customer by now anyway.

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3. Would I make more money from her as a customer than as a recruit.

Well…before we start answering this see answer 1 and 2. If you can get over yourself you’ll be successful. Remember first and foremost it’s not about you, it’s about her…all of them. If you can focus on that and not yourself you really will be successful. I think that is where a lot of people slip. But…let’s look at the numbers. Let’s say that the average customer is reordering $200 a year from you. That is just a random number I pulled out of the air, but I think it is a good number. Let’s say she starts out with a $600 wholesale inventory, then begins order $200 a month for a year. That’s $3000 wholesale purchases for the year. With just one team member you’re only making 4% so keep that in mind. The more team members you have the higher your commission. 4% of 3000 is $120. So you won’t lose any money. You will be making more money. The more team members you have, the faster you move…the more money you’ll make. Which, I know you’re doing this job for the money. It’s good money. Don’t sit around happy with one recruit. Keep that ball moving and keep repeating what you are doing to get that commission percentage increasing.

Lastly, be sure to record your commission checks as extra income in Pink Office. Simply click the money tab and then on income. Add the income type of commission and you are on your way!

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