Welcome to the first installment of the “Features we love” series. Do you know why we love these features? Because they allow you to run your business your way. After all, you are an independent beauty consultant. You own your own business and you are free to make decisions about your inventory and sales in a way that is different from even your favorite franchise boutique! I have a few stores I love that I thought were local, everything about them seems local. But, as I searched for them online recently to find their holiday hours, I realized they are chains. That means they are subject to following rules and regulations that others set for them. Aren’t you so happy to be free? Ok, enough about the freedom and independence of a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, lets talk about how Pink Office offers you tools to help you make decisions for your business.

When you create a sales invoice for your customer you can choose to give her any discount you’d like. You can choose to give her any gift you’d like. You can give her a line item discount or a discount on the entire invoice. Click this link to look at a picture about adding discounts or click this link to watch a video about how to create an invoice with ease.

Remember, choose wisely. You don’t want to give away the store. You don’t want to discount your products so deeply or so frequently that your customers will never pay full price.

When is a good time to give a discount?

When someone refers you to someone new who actually becomes a customer

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When someone is a hostess

When someone spends a pre-set amount (this is best for a gift with purchase.)

A special time frame that you are running a sale

To move discontinued products or seasonal products from previous catalogs

I’m sure you have some suggestions and we’d love you for you to share those with your sister consultants. Comment here or on our FB page where you will find the link to this post.


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