Getting snowed in is one of my favorite things! We are so busy. All. The. Time. When the weather man says that we’ll have how ever many inches of snow that are just enough to close schools I know activities will be cancelled too. That gives us a long cozy day by the fire. I catch up on laundry and bake cookies. It is the kind of day I wish every day could be. I always hope it is followed by another. I think moms like to complain about how horrible their kids are and how much we can’t wait to send them back to school after summer vacation, but secretly inside we just want to wipe hot cocoa off their top lip and watch Elf.

I’m pretty average. So, I can promise you if that is what I am doing, that is what your customers are doing on a snow day. This is your chance, your opportunity to catch every single person you call. And guess what else, if you happen to be lucky enough to get your snow day before Christmas, there is a good chance that lady ISN’T running the errands and buying the gifts she was going to get finished up with that day. Mary Kay lady to the rescue!

Plan your work. Look at each person you are calling. Decide what to say and just do it. Dial the phone.

I know, you’re thinking…I really only like to text…nope, not today. Call her. Girl, you’re Christmas presents aren’t going to buy themselves. A text isn’t good enough. This is a golden (or actually sparkling silver white glittery beautiful) opportunity that may not come again soon. As soon as the roads are drivable you take her those packages that you wrapped up more beautifully than if you were going to give them to Queen of England and collect your money, sister.

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You did it. You made the most of your snow day. Now send those snotty noses back to school and bake your cookies in peace.


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