Chances are you started your business to make money. Sure, you might have said that it was to make friends and get out of the house. Maybe you said you started because you need something for yourself. You can and are getting all those good extras from MK but REALLY you are doing MK to make money. How then can you start today and make more money, and be do it the right way? The question many Mary Kay consultants ask is simply how can I increase my sales and how can I be better at what I do? I took a look at some tips from the top and have compiled them for you here.

1. Have a full store.

NSD Karen Piro shares a cute story on her website about two possible consultants. One who has a full store and one who does not. Read the short story here. The basic idea is that you can sell more when you have the items your customers are wanting and then you can actually manage your money appropriately and realize an income so much sooner.


2. Get Referrals

Top Director Michelle Cunningham has a ton of great videos on her site. For Michelle’s site click here. Watch the “How to grow your business with seeds” video. She explains how to make the most of a $0 sale by getting referrals.

3. Be Honest

Mary Kay is quoted saying “Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, with out which confidence and ability to preform cease to exist.” Be honest with your customers, be honest with your potential team members. Be honest with your director. Every single quote I read from Mary Kay and every bit of wisdom I hear from NSDs who actually met her tell of a woman who believed in being good and building people up. Being honest and doing the right thing always wins.

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4. Be prepared


Carry business cards, samples and your calendar (isn’t that on your phone anyway) with you every where you go. You can work on the go and you can meet new people every where you go. If you forgot your business cards get connected on social media right there so that you can contact that individual later. You don’t want to ever miss an opportunity.

5. Make Connections

The final and probably most important way to increase your sales. Is to simply call, text, FB message, or otherwise direct message 3–6 people a day. You will increase your sales if you increase the number of people you get in front of. Hold this all time favorite quote from Mary Kay close with every interaction.


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