So many of the truly successful MK ladies I’ve known over the years have all had one thing in common. They’ve had their husband’s support. I’m not saying it can’t be done any other way, because I am sure there are success stories of women who did it anyway. I’ve also heard stories about how women were given the courage to break free from an abusive relationship because of MK. But, lets for a moment think about all the stories of successful women who HAVE successful marriages.

For each of those relationships the husband was man enough to put aside gender roles and actually do the things necessary to help run the home and free up his wife’s time to run her business. (In a lot of cases he even helps her run her business.) We all know what those gender roles are, they are things that generally keep a woman at home. Those jobs do have to be done, but the things is, they can mostly be done by anyone, man or woman.

The question for each working woman is, what am I willing to let someone else do so that I can do something more meaningful. I challenge you to not miss a minute of the new seminar year on jobs someone else can do. How would having your husband step in be beneficial to not only your business, but also your relationship? Do you ever angrily wash dishes or spitefully fold laundry? Have you ever hate scrubbed the bathroom? Perhaps I am the only one. But if this is you, maybe your husband doesn’t even know how you feel. I have found that when I am feeling taken for granted, or just over extended, simply telling my guy I feel this way helps resolve the problem. They honestly DON’T KNOW. It’s hard to believe, I know.

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So what can we do to help resolve the problem? I’ve been a stay at home mom for 17 years and have always had some sort of job as well. That has been direct sales, including MK, I homeschool, I recently finished my bachelors, and now I work for Pink Office. Here are some tips that I have found helpful. Most of these things I’ve found out from failing terribly. But, what’s that saying? Fail forward to success? Yes…


1) Talk to your husband about how you are feeling. Tell him that you would like to find more success in your business but you can’t do it alone. Let him know the jobs that you truly value having accomplished. Make a list together of what is important to each of you. Be sure to have this conversation when it isn’t an issue. Talk about it when you are in a good mood. (Hot meal at the table 5 nights a week? Clean dishes? Clean clothes? Clean bathrooms? ) Ask him what he would be willing to help you with. Then, hold him to it. If he says he’ll take care of dinner on Tuesday and Thursday, let him. Maybe remind him at some point during the day, but if he said he wants to, he does.

2)If you ask for help cleaning the house, actually make him a list. This one is SO hard for me. I always say, “why do I have to make you a list, no one makes me a list and I seem to know what to do. “ But, honestly he really doesn’t. He doesn’t know what I’m planning on doing and what I’d like help with. It’s pretty easy. It goes like this, “I’m going to work on the kitchen and half bath, if you could vacuum upstairs and clean the hall bath that would really help.” He doesn’t want to come back to you a bunch of times and say “what next.” That’s what the kids do. He’s not a kid.

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3)Actually work when you said you were going to work. I know that it is easy to want to sit back and put your feet up. You had help. The house is running like a fine oiled machine now you have all the time to read that novel you’ve had sitting by your bed side or maybe catch up on your crochet and Netflix. But, you asked for help, he held up his end of the bargain. Do your part. Make those phone calls, schedule those appointments and bring home some cash money. Share your opportunity every time you get the chance and it won’t be long before he is pushing you out the door or into your office.

4)Get your husband involved in your business. I think the best way to start is by having him attend a husband’s night at your unit meeting, but if you can, take him to Seminar. That is the absolute best place to get him on board. Eventually he’ll be helping you in your office and making deliveries!

5)Last, and probably most important. Don’t forget in this process of helping other people feel beautiful, empowering women, and making people feel special that your sweet husband is a person. He may not show it in the same way as the girls at your skin care class, or your sister consultants, but he really needs your time and attention. Don’t forget to sit next to him…right next to him, on the couch. Don’t forget to make him that special meal or dessert that he loves. Don’t forget you are his wife, if you know what I mean. You aren’t the only person who needs things.

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I hope that this is somehow helpful. A healthy marriage is such a beautiful thing. I hope that you’ve got your husband’s support, I hope that he has fallen as in love with your business as you have. I hope that both your marriage and your business flourish beautifully!

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