Getting the word out about Pink Office has always been our biggest challenge. Back in the days of a huge expo across the street from Seminar in Dallas, it was easy. We’d stand and sweat in a semi air conditioned “tent” and give away tote bags to new users who decided to give Pink Office a try for 30 days, free of course. That has been our position from the beginning. We know that if we can give users 30 days to try our product, new users will have plenty of time to learn the program and enter in all their information before they ever even have to pay. What can I say? People love us. But, only once they know us. In the last 5 years or so, ever since the vendor’s expo moved across town, Seminar hasn’t been the same. So, how can we get the word out about our wonderful application so that more consultants can be less overwhelmed? How can we help more people know about our service so they can manage their businesses even on the go? It has to be word of mouth. We depend on our wonderful users who love us so much to tell their sister consultants about our program.

In March we are launching a program called POP. They are Pink Office Parties. We extended the offer to all Pink Office users who are directors, so they would have the opportunity to give those freebies to their consultants. Today I was privileged to mail out our very first POP boxes. I have been absolutely astonished at the response to this promotion. With in one week of emails being sent almost all of our promotional items were allocated. Those were supposed to last us 3 months! We hope to repeat these events in the coming months but it all hinges on the amount of growth we see from the parties. We wanted to do this as a service to our beautiful directors, and as a way to get some fun Pink Office branded items in the hands of consultants across the country. And now, it is truly in your hands. Help us grow! In the next few days, check out our new and exciting referral program by clicking on the “referrals” button. (This new program will be released sometime in the next week.) It will allow you to give some free Pink Office days to your referrals and get a free month for yourself. We want to help more consultants overcome the obstacles of not being able to manage their businesses properly. We want to give you an incentive to share us by giving you referral credit and goodies! Keep your eye on our Facebook page. We will be posting more promotions in the near future.

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