Do you remember when you first fell in love? You sat at that Mary Kay party and washed your face, I mean really washed your face for the first time in years. You laughed with your friends and listened to the consultant talk about her dreams of becoming a director and winning a car, or otherwise moving forward in her business. You felt pretty. You thought to yourself, “I could use a little extra cash, but I would never be a Mary Kay lady.” Time went on an the thought never went away and before you knew it you had fallen in love with all things Mary Kay. You ordered your starter kit and went to the unit meetings. Not because you really had time to go, but once you got there you had so much fun, and there were always prizes. Then, it started to be something you looked forward to. Maybe you even started dressing the same as other people at your unit meetings. You were wearing the same red blazer and wanting the same prizes out of the star consultant catalog. Then, something happened. You got “busy.” Or, maybe there was some other life situation that took your focus away from your dreams. Now, you look in the closet and see your dusty starter kit bags…and you are sad. Think back to that day…the day you said “I do want to order my starter kit. I do have dreams. I do want something more.”


The great thing about life is every day is a new day. If you let your bags sit for a while. It’s ok. It’s not too late to dust them off and hit the pavement. It’s not too late to call a few people and start again. No one said it was going to be easy, but most things that are worth having aren’t easy. Give yourself a facial or go to a friend’s party. Be a guest again and get pampered. You will fall in love all over again. Attend a unit meeting. So what if you aren’t still in your red jacket. You’ll get it back! Go there and get re-inspired by your director. Chances are, you are missed. Most of all, fall in love again with yourself. Fall in love with YOUR dreams. Fall in love with the face you see in the mirror. You deserved it, you can do it.

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