I’m sitting here drinking my peppermint mocha coffee.


The Christmas tree sparkles casting a reflective glimmer around the room. All is quiet, all is peaceful. Then, I look at my 6 most important list for today, and I see it. I see, on the list I wrote myself, the task that keeps getting moved around from day to day. The task I don’t want to do. I must write a blog post, but not any post. I want to write about how excited I am for Christmas, I want to encourage you to continue calling customers who are going to be getting ready for holiday parties and who will be needing stocking stuffers, teen gifts and gifts for their Moms, who are so hard to buy for. YOU have just the right color or fragrance or set to meet her needs. She needs you. I want to encourage you to offer free gift wrapping and delivery even if you have to mail it. I want to post pictures of bundles I’ve found online….but alas. I cannot. I must write about the one thing we all dread the most.

The Grinch…


I mean, Taxes.

Here is a quick list of steps to get your Pink Office account ready to close out 2014. Do this now. Do not wait until April 14th.

1. Be sure you have entered all your inventory orders for the year. If you missed any you can enter them manually because MK only holds orders online for 90 days. To enter an order manually go to Inventory, then Inventory Orders. Then click on “Create Order.” Creating the order will be much like creating an invoice.

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2. Enter all your back invoices for the year. Be sure to mark them as paid and delivered. Check out this video if you need help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqDRnQ6uS0Q

3. Take a look at your loans and borrows and be sure all that product is returned. To return product click on the adjustment type of other. If the product is leaving your shelf, use negative values. If it is coming back to you, leave them positive. (Remember loans, borrows and exchanges are not best practices. We know that has to happen some times, but try to keep it at a minimum.)

4. Enter all your expenses and extra income in the “Money” section.

5. Take a look at the “Tax info Report.” It is pretty detailed and self explanatory. But, be sure to contact the Pink Office support staff early if you have questions.

6. Lastly, go ahead and archive all your 2014 invoices. They will still be there to be searched, they will still be in your customer’s history. Archiving just removes them from the main “Sales” screen.

Look at that, a list of 6 most important things to do get your account ready for year end. Nice. Now I can finish this peppermint mocha and maybe start a fire. Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re her for you! Here’s to a very merry Christmas and a successful new year!

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