The Holiday selling and shopping season is upon us. It’s October and you are probably thinking about trick or treating and buying Halloween Candy. Here’s why you should be thinking about Christmas too.



5) It takes people time to plan.

This one is pretty simple. If you want to have parties, lots of parties in November and December, you have to plan that now. My family is already starting to plan our holiday weekends. They will be completely full with in the next couple of weeks, then our weeknights will start to get taken over. School performances, parents nights, Bible study parties, Book Club, Bunko and every other type of group are planing the night they will have their holiday party. If you don’t get your dates out there you will be scheduling when other people want and missing your own events.

4)You want to avoid sell outs or back orders.

Schedule your parties plenty in advance. Find out how many people are going to be there and make reasonable assumptions about how much you can sell. Then, order your products ahead of time. If you need cash to order those holiday products get on the books for a skin care class, then use your profits to order the holiday line. You know how to get bookings, you’ve been trained. Just pick up your phone and line up some hershey kisses. Every time you talk to a live person, give yourself a kiss! If you get your products ahead of time, now you have some urgency. You don’t want your customers to risk YOU selling out! Contact them right away and tell them you wanted to be sure they got a first look at all MK has to offer for the holidays. Meet them at their offices over lunch break. Making holiday shopping easier on your customers can boost your sales. Women are BUSY! Your services are NEEDED!

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3)Planning early gives you more opportunities to get in front of more people.

Book from your bookings. Get a new hostess from every party. If you wait till the end of November to have your first Gift Giving party, your future hostesses aren’t going to have as much time to find a time to get together with you. You can push them out to January and schedule some New Years makeovers but you need to make money NOW. Schedule early so you can book from your bookings and get hostesses from your parties. You can still schedule those January Makeovers. More parties simply means more sales. More sales means more money for you.

2)Planning early lowers your stress level.

When you know what is coming and you know you’ve done your work, you can enjoy your free time more. I teach my kids at home and my mantra is “Do what you have to do before you do what you want to do.” You may want to watch “Frozen” for the fiftieth time with your 6 year old. But you have to make phone calls to get some bookings. Then you can watch “Frozen.” You’ll do your work quicker, more efficiently and more effectively if you do it first. Your time with your family is valuable but if you are sitting there thinking about the “should have’s” you aren’t going to enjoy it any way. Doing your work first is a valuable lesson for your children as well. Being disciplined in this “gotta have it gotta do it now” culture that we have is difficult, even for grow ups. If your kids see you delaying gratification they will learn amazing lessons. If you take care of your plan now, get your bookings, over book, double book, you can sit back and relax during “Frozen.” Who knows you might even belt out your own “Let it go.”

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1) Planning early gives you time to shop with your income.

The number one reason to get your planning done early, to get your parties in right away, is so that you can SHOP. It takes money to shop and if you are hoping to have a debt free holiday season you’ve got to make that cash now. You don’t want to wait till the last minute then find your self staring at an empty shelf where the Anna and Elsa costumes used to be. You have to sell your products now. Book your parties, sell your products (be sure to do your 60/40 split) then go shopping!

You deserve a Pumpkin Spice Latte and to leisurely push the Target cart with one hand. You my friend planned your work and worked your plan. You’ve booked your November and December, made enough money to buy all the “Avengers” toys Target has to offer, you’ve been stress free while making the chocolate covered pretzels and now you can shop stress free knowing that you’ve got plenty of makeovers booked in January!

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