I have been in and around the MK world for a long time now, 16 years in fact. When I first started MK I had just gotten married and had moved to a new town, in a new state, where I knew no one. One of the many ways that my director taught me to meet people was by what she called “warm chat.” Basically, you meet someone while you are out and about, doing the stuff you do. You work into the conversation that you think they’d be a great model for your before and after portfolio, or you invite them to a guest night or something along those lines. Now, don’t get me wrong, that wasn’t the ONLY way I was meeting people, but every where I went I was on the look out for my next model. I ended up thinking that I was thinking about meeting people SO much that EVERY Mary Kay consultant was thinking the same thing. I knew how many consultants there were in the city in which I live, so I figured every eligible looking woman had probably been warm chatted already. That was one of the ways I convinced myself NOT to talk to a lot of people that I probably could have and should have met. I have been a personal use consultant now for some time as it seems other things in life (helping run Pink Office being one of them) have seemed to take over. It occurred to me recently that I have never been warm chatted myself. Now, I go out in athletic shorts sometimes as we all do I’m sure. I’ve been seen in Target wearing yoga pants or jeans and tennis shoes. But, I always have make up on. I always look approachable. I think I’m relatively decent looking. So, I wonder why hasn’t any one ever asked me, not knowing me from Adam, to be a model in their before and after portfolio? Why hasn’t any one ever randomly invited me to a guest night? My point is that there are a ton of women living around you right now who have never been asked to have a Mary Kay facial. They are at the Target wearing yoga pants; they are in the grocery store with 4 hungry kids at home, they are standing on the sidelines of the soccer field and in the wings of the theater watching their kids preform. If you haven’t asked those women right around you, then you haven’t exhausted all your leads. You know, even though I don’t need an MK consultant, it would be really nice for someone to ask. I would feel really special. Isn’t that what Mary Kay said should be our goal? She said to treat every one as if they were wearing an invisible sign that reads “Make me feel special.”

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