You are back from Seminar and on cloud 9. Your sister consultants are at your unit meeting all reeling about the fabulous time they had and you promise your self that next year you will go. It is very easy to feel that way right now. To have those grand ideas and feel the excitement. It is also easy to let the rest of the summer slip by, then into the school year. Before you know it is Christmas, then spring and OOPS. You didn’t meet your goals. Again. How can you stop the cycle? Here is a 6 most important list to get you toward those goals that you feel so strongly about right now…in no particular order. They are all important.

1. Set real goals. “Someday” I will be in the Queens Court of Sales. “Someday” I will be a director. Those aren’t goals. Those are wishes. If you want to change your wishes into goals, you’ve got to set dates. If you decide you want to be in the court of sales or recruiting, decide what you need to do each month to reach that goal. Then break it down to each week, now each day. Work every day to attain that goal. If you get off course for a day or two, pick it back up and just keep moving forward. Enter all your sales into your Pink Office account. Keep track of who your best customers are and reward them, they will be your customers for life!

2. Order products. Having an inventory is so important in Mary Kay. Women want their skin care now, if they don’t buy it from you they are likely to buy it somewhere else. Meet impulse shoppers where they are and provide on the spot delivery. ONLY order an inventory if you are willing to do the work to sell it. If you have inventory setting there do what it takes today. Don’t let it sit ONE MORE DAY. Remember there dreams you had when you ordered? They are still there, they are still attainable. (Don’t forget to track your inventory in Pink Office. You’ll be glad you did when tax time rolls around.)

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3. Make lists. If you haven’t done this already, now is the time to start. If you have already done this, do it again. Write down every one you know. Everyone. Church, School, Girl Scouts, Cheerleading, Mommy Groups, Bible Study, Clubs your kids are involved in, sports, band, volunteering opportunities, work…what ever you do, you know people there. Write their name and contact information down, then instead of thinking about why you SHOULDN’T call each of those people (because isn’t that what we do?) Think of why you SHOULD. “You know, Susie is so busy with her kids she probably doesn’t have time for a facial.” WRONG “You know Susie is so busy with her kids, I bet she doesn’t have time to research new skin care advancements and I doubt that she has taken any personal time lately, I could do that for her.” RIGHT!!!!

4. Attend you unit meetings. Enough said. Just go. That is you mini Seminar. As often as your director has unit meetings. Just show up.

5. Write a positive affirmation that states your goals and say it every day. Positive self talk is an invaluable took for those in MK and not in MK. So, learn it now and keep it in your back pocket for all time.

6. Learn to manage your time. We all have the same 24 hours. Decide what is most important and what is not. Use your time wisely and plan time to relax and turn you business off. Even God rested after 6 days. Do you think you can keep going and going? Become a master planner then expect to be flexible within your schedule.

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YOU really CAN do it!




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