I’m sitting now, on the patio of our vacation rental in Taos, New Mexico. I’ve never been here before, it is just beautiful. The weather is dry and just warm enough here in late May. I did learn that there is a big difference between in the sun and out of the sun here. Moving to the shade makes me want to put on a sweater. Move back in the sun and my pale skin is frying and freckling with in minutes. Its just lovely though. We’ve hiked, shopped and eaten till our hearts content. It has been a lovely kid free vacation. But I do have a lover waiting at home. It’s my business. No, I’m not currently an actively selling Mary Kay consultant. But I spend a great deal of time working with you. I support Pink Office customers at a second level and at times it can be quite a challenge. I plan and teach webinars and now am managing social media. All at the same time, I home school my three youngest children, my oldest is in high school. I volunteer and do all the other “mommy” type stuff that running a home requires. I do love our business though. I love happy customers. I love helping someone who is feeling challenged or having some kind of difficulty, resolve her issue. I love when a new consultant excitedly contacts me with questions about her inventory that I know my experience with MK as a company helps me answer accurately. But, it’s hard. It’s had to do all I do and maintain a positive attitude toward my children, my husband and even you, my customers. So, this babbling brook that runs by this little house, the fresh mountain air, the wild life we’ve seen on our hikes and our accidental detour over a dirt road mountain pass (that’s another story) have all refreshed and re-energized me. I miss my kids and am ready to see them, not dreading the play dates, end of year parties and camp tuition quite the way I was before. My mind is swimming with ideas to improve our support desk and our product. Peter Cetera of the band Chicago knew what he was talking about when he said “Everybody needs a little time away.” It’s just what my business, my life, needed. Perhaps it would be good medicine for you too. Maybe a long distance getaway isn’t possible, maybe you could steel away with your man to a local hotel. Maybe you could treat yourself to the spa. Maybe you could get a sitter and go to the park with a good book or fashion magazine. But, for just a little while leave your work, leave your responsibilities. They will be there upon your return. You deserve a little holiday.

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