With spring break here and summer right around the corner it’s quite possible you’re feeling some stress when you think about how you’re going to maintain your workload and your kids. Our team got together and talked about the things we’ve done to help manage our time. The one constant among all the ladies is to involve your kids. Give them responsibilities the make them feel important, and actually help you in the process!

If your kids are older, give them opportunities to help with your work. While data entry may seem more like a chore to you and I, some kids will jump at the opportunity to practice their typing skills. Ok, maybe they won’t be overly enthusiastic, but hopefully they’ll understand that the faster you get your stuff done they’ll be able to move on to something fun for them as well.

Another task that older kids will enjoy is cooking! We’ve pinned some recipes on our Pinterest Page that are healthy for the most part, and are recipes that they can handle. Just remember there is no shame in buying pre-sliced vegetables. While they may cost a little bit more, if you’re working during that time you’ll be making up for the extra cost.

We’ve talked a lot about the older kids, but what about the younger ones that demand your attention? One thing that was a huge success in one team member’s house was a secret box of new toys! Each time she needed to make a phone call or needed the kids to be quiet she would bring out the secret stash and let her kids pick a new toy to play with. Most of the toys were either from the Dollar Store or the clearance section, and would keep the kids occupied long enough to get her phone call made.

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Do you have anything that has worked well for you? We’d love to hear about it either in the comments section or on our Facebook Page. No matter what, it’s a tough job managing work and family. Please be confident in knowing you’re doing the best you can!

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