Here is the first of a four part series of posts relating to Mary Kay inventory. For some this information will be old hat but for others it may just be what you’re waiting to discover. Either way we believe the wisdom will be a great resource to both new and veteran Mary Kay Consultants alike. Our gratitude to Future Executive Senior Director and Pink Office customer Sheila McCune for sharing these gems with us.

If you’re wondering whether you really need an inventory of products for your business, keep in mind that when Mary Kay started her company, she tried to eliminate many of the problems she had encountered in other companies.

One major problem was trying to deliver merchandise after a two-week lapse of time. She found that customers usually lost their enthusiasm and in many cases, actually canceled the order. She remedied this situation by establishing DELIVERY THE DAY OF THE CLASS, realizing that women are anxious to begin using their cosmetics IMMEDIATELY! One of the greatest merchandising techniques that has helped Mary Kay Beauty Consultants be so successful is Immediate Product Availability. It’s important to have an adequate inventory of Mary Kay products on hand at your classes so you can deliver on the spot.

After you finish your class presentation, since your guests have had the chance to try our products, to feel and see a difference in their skin, they are happy and excited. They have learned how to use the products so, it is important for them to take them home that night and continue using them regularly.

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1. Receive full payment with delivery of the product.

2. Avoid trips to deliver products to each guest who ordered.

3. Avoid the risk of losing the sale because the client’s enthusiasm has “cooled”.

4. You generate more excitement by having the product on hand, which can generate higher sales.

5. You eliminate having to worry about collecting payment.

6. You can spend more time booking and holding classes, meaning an increase in your overall profits.

REMEMBER . . .when an enthusiastic client has to wait for a post-class delivery of the merchandise she has selected, her enthusiasm wanes and she may have second thoughts about the products she has ordered. You save time and effort by making sure that your customers can take their products home while they are excited!

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