I’ve been thinking lately about how it effects children to see their parents working. There is definite value to children witnessing their parents going to a job and being consistent. Yet, there is also a bit of a disconnect there. They know that “mommy is at work” but they don’t always know what that means. For those of us who have had the opportunity to work from home and our children are afforded the opportunity to witness the work, there is a whole different set of circumstances. When you work your business, your kids are watching. My husband (co-founder of www.pinkoffice.com) has been a self employed work at home dad since our second (of four) child was about 5 months old. I have personally been in and out of the direct sales business and am currently working for him among other things. It hasn’t always been easy, but like I said the good out weighs the bad. So, after all these years of seeing, actually witnessing, day to day business our three youngest children have started their own soap making business. They are so confident in their marketing and really believe in their product. They also believe in their success. Things like that aren’t taught, they’re caught. I know there are many stories of the children of MK moms and how seeing you work has left a meaningful impact on their little lives. Maybe it is goal setting or money management or how they have overcome an obstacle. How has your business affected your children for the good?

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