This time of year brings about the chance to set new goals. As the 2011–2012 Seminar year has come to a close and the 2012–2013 has begun it is time to consider where to set your sights. The way your sales success is tracked with the company is through wholesale orders. You want to be sure that you are selling the products that you order and that you keep excellent records so that you know exactly what you sell the most of, the least of and who is buying! You might consider going through your inventory and doing a physical count just to be sure your numbers are correct. Next, consider what your goal is for how many new customers you’d like to see. Then change your target amounts in inventory in to match the number of items you’d like to have on hand to take care of that many customers. For example, if you want 100 skin care customers you will need to have the products available to service them. To reach 100 customers in a year, you will need to sell 8 or 9 skin care sets a month. That is just about 2 a week. Well, then you need to decide how many people buy the set per people you see. Maybe you sell skin care sets to about half the people at each party. So 1 or 2 parties with three of four people in attendance each week should do that. (Remember to get bookings at your parties and always ask for referrals.) When you break your goals down like this they seem so much more attainable. In order to sell 2 skin care sets a week you are going to have to have those on hand as well as enough to sell to customers who are reordering. If you need help with numbers or goal setting, see your director. She is there to help you. And as always, keep really good records. Make sure you enter all you sales into so that when the end of the year comes, you know exactly where you are and can see how much you’ve grown. Don’t forget to treat your business like a business. That is why we are here. We believe in you and are here to support your success!

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