By Grace Doirin ~ Mary Kay Consultant

Years ago I read words shared by the beautiful actress, Sofia Loren, that would stick with me through my daily journey of being a woman. Those words are “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” This served as inspiration to belief in myself no matter what my circumstances are, and regardless of what standards others have of what is beautiful. After all, I am only one in a diverse world of many. Shades of skin from ivory to bronze, textures of hair from fine to coarse, shapes of eyes from almond to round, and curves, or lack thereof, in physical features are all part of what makes our world, especially women, unique and beautiful.

Naturally, women like to look and feel beautiful. In addition, a little attention, affirmation, recognition and praise can make a woman feel important. Deep within women have the power to attain all that and more. It starts with belief. That “B” word holds so much weight, it can determine the difference between a woman who leads confidently, and one who lacks that confidence, simply settling for following submissively. This isn’t to say all leaders are great and all followers are weak. Not true at all, for I have also learned, great leaders were once great servants, and in order to rise, one must be humbled.

I have been the shy passive woman, who was okay with “well enough” for a time. But it took belief in myself, not simply in my outward appearance but in my talents and personal characteristics, that helped me reach for something more, practicing confidence and gaining new strengths. My experience drives me to reach out to other women. Whether they are, or have been, in situations that hinder their sense of self-worth, or their needs are completely different, my goal is to touch their lives in a way that they awaken their own belief.

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Although my career is deeply rooted in the beauty industry, I want the women I encounter, personally and virtually, know beauty is more than skin deep. True beauty radiates from within, and is found in the belief she has in herself and in the value she places on herself, showing self-respect in all she does. Knowing that she is a wonderful person makes a woman’s beauty priceless.

Have you allowed your beauty to shine through today?

Grace is a licensed cosmetologist and Mary Kay Consultant. She lives with her husband and FIVE kids in PA. She says this about her business, “My desire is to help others look their best and feel great. I look forward to making connections with other women, both through skin care classes and Mary Kay events.”

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