By Kim Fell, Independent Beauty Consultant

Ah the pink bubble. At Seminar and Career Conference you are in it, clapping and dancing and loving your Mary Kay business. You are motivated and inspired and ready to tackle the list of people you have been meaning to call. You go home pumped up and things start happening — -bookings come, classes hold and recruiting comes more naturally. But then a week or so later it happens — -you hit a wall. You call twenty leads and they go nowhere, or a big class cancels on you at the last minute. Your ‘pink bubble’ has popped and you want to bury your head in the sand. Then you start the negative self-talk. You think maybe this isn’t for you after all.

In Mary Kay, so much emphasis is placed on attitude because we are the CEO’s of our own businesses, and we need to keep sharp objects and negative people away from our bubbles! Think about it — -if you have a negative attitude at your J-O-B, you won’t be there for long. Why should your Mary Kay business be any different? A positive attitude in Mary Kay is just as important as booking and recruiting, because without it you wouldn’t have either.

So the next time your bubble is sinking, play a comeback song like “We are the Champions”, hug a loved one (who supports your business), go for a run or call your director. Just don’t let it pop! Then pick up that phone to make call twenty one. That call might lead to a booking, which motivates you to make another call then another. Remember that everyone runs into obstacles, even the leaders at the top. The difference between them and the consultant who says Mary Kay “didn’t work for her” is the ones who succeed keep right on stepping. So keep stepping and your pink bubble will rise again!

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Kim Fell is an Independent Beauty Consultant in Newark, Delaware. She has graciously offered to serve as a guest blogger for Pink Office and we are thrilled to have her on board. Kim’s favorite Mary Kay product is concealer- she says, “It covers everything, even the dark circles that run in my family”. She’s been with Mary Kay for just over a year but if you talked to her, you’d think she was a veteran!

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