By now you have probably heard of the increasing controversy over lead contained in many popular cosmetic brands- including Mary Kay. According to NBC, “about 400 lipsticks were found to contain a slightly-more-than average amount of lead, according to a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) survey. But officials said the findings are not indicative of a safety concern.”

Here is what you need to know:

1. Lead is not an ingredient added to any Mary Kay cosmetics, including lipstick. While there may be trace amounts of lead found in the lipstick, this is because lead is naturally occurring and can be found in most products.

2. The trace amounts found in cosmetics are NOT harmful to the consumer, even with repeated use. The amounts found in Mary Kay lipsticks are well within the amount allowed by the FDA.

3. This is not new news. The FDA has been investigating the amount of naturally occurring lead in a variety of products since the 1990’s and the most recent list is just more updated information.

Now that you know, you can put your customers minds at ease that the Mary Kay products they are using are not only beautiful but perfectly safe!

*information courtesy of Mary Kay and NBC Los Angeles*

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