You have probably heard by now that Facebook will be moving all business pages to timeline on March 30th. With just 10 days to go, we’re sharing a few things that we think might help you transition your Mary Kay page today!

1. Selecting a Cover Photo

Cover photos are the banner image that will now show at the top of your page. These images cannot contain prices, information on how to purchase Mary Kay products or instructions to “like” your page.

You can use a photo that you already have on Facebook but it may appear stretched out and pixelated. Your other options are to customize a photo with an editing tool or to find a website that offers free cover photos. The ideal size for a cover photo is 851 px by 315 px.

2. Private Messages

One of the most exciting changes coming with timeline is the ability to receive private messages. Unlike the old page setup, your customers and fans can contact you privately to place an order, ask a question or book a show! Just one thing to keep in mind- you may end up with fewer posts on your wall and wall posts are important. The more activity you have, the higher you will appear on the newsfeed.

If a customer private messages you a question or tip that you think others may find helpful, you may want to repost it to your timeline.

3. Highlight a Post

Facebook now gives you the option to highlight a post that you would like to emphasize on your Mary Kay timeline. Since timeline is chronological, highlighting a post will ensure that your content is prominently displayed for a week. After the week is over, that status will be moved to its place on the timeline. If you’re running a special promotion, that would be a great thing to highlight at the top of your page.

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Now that you know a few of the basics, you can head over to Facebook and begin customizing your timeline today. While you’re working out the kinks, utilize the “preview” mode. This allows you to see how the page will look when you are ready to reveal the finished product!

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