By now you’ve probably heard of Pinterest. If you haven’t joined, I’m sure you’re wondering what it is all about. I’ll attempt to explain Pinterest and then let you know why it could help you sell more Mary Kay products!

What is Pinterest?

In short, Pinterest is an online pinboard with categories to help you “pin” your favorite recipes, crafts, decorating tips, fashion ideas and much more. Once you sign up for an account, you’re given categories and you can either search for things you like or “repin” pages that your friends have liked.

The easiest way to find your friends on Pinterest is to log in with Facebook and then click on your name in the top right hand corner. Then click “find friends”. Once you’re on the friends page, click on the red button “follow all”. If you don’t log in through Facebook, you’ll need to add friends via email addresses.

After you’ve followed a few friends, your homepage will be images from your friend’s pin boards. If you see a pin that you like, you should click the “repin” button and assign this to a category on your own board.

If you really get the hang of Pinterest, you can download the “Pin It” button to your browser. Once you have the pin it button you can pin many different things you like that may not already be on Pinterest.

For example: You follow a recipe blog and they have a recipe for barbecue chicken that you would love to share. Go to the webpage or blog, click on “pin it” on your browser and then a page of images will come up. Select the image that corresponds to the recipe you’re looking to pin and voila- you have created an original pin.

How can I use it to promote Mary Kay?

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We’re working on a free webinar to show you just that! In the meantime, go ahead and set up a free blog- either on Word Press or Blogger. Once you have done that, you’ll have a place to pin things from and begin promoting your Mary Kay business with Pinterest!

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