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The blog post that stole Christmas

I’m sitting here drinking my peppermint mocha coffee. The Christmas tree sparkles casting a reflective glimmer around the room.  All is quiet, all is peaceful.  Then, I look at my 6 most important list for today, and I see it.  I see, on the list I wrote myself, the task that keeps getting moved around […]

5 Reasons you should make a holiday strategy NOW

The Holiday selling and shopping season is upon us.  It’s October and you are probably thinking about trick or treating and buying Halloween Candy.  Here’s why you should be thinking about Christmas too.   5) It takes people time to plan. This one is pretty simple.  If you want to have parties, lots of parties in […]

Mary Kay said that every one has an invisible sign…

I have been in and around the MK world for a long time now,  16 years in fact.  When I first started MK I had just gotten married and had moved to a new town, in a new state, where I knew no one.  One of the many ways that my director taught me to […]