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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Don’t miss out

Billions, that’s right, billions of dollars will be spent on black Friday. Shoppers will push and shove and some one will likely be injured. Though I hope greatly you miss out on the injury part of that scenario I hope that you are making a plan right now to not miss out on the financial […]

What is your “Why?”

A dear friend of mine had her MK business sitting on a shelf for a couple of years. It was sitting back there like Christmas decorations or a waffle iron. Waiting for just the right day. That day came when it became necessary to put her son in a private school. She needed a way […]

Wear what you sell, personal use

I know you are probably thinking that this is a no brainer. It is obvious that you should wear Mary Kay make up. You should use Mary Kay skin care. If you are a consultant there is with out a doubt no reason you should be doing anything other than having the full experience with […]