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REDs Sell

At Pink Office we try to stay focused on your customer business.  We believe in the saying “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”  That is why you will find tools in Pink Office to track your customers, your sales and your inventory orders.  But, there comes a time, when you know that in order to […]

Genuine Communication

In today’s world of quick texts, instant information and emoticons there seems to be a general lack of genuine human interaction.  Have you ever read an email and glanced down for the “like” button?  I don’t really WANT to respond.  I just want “Like” what you said.  Have you ever sent a happy face  after […]

It’s in your hands

Getting the word out about Pink Office has always been our biggest challenge.  Back in the days of a huge expo across the street from Seminar in Dallas, it was easy.  We’d stand and sweat in a semi air conditioned “tent” and give away tote bags to new users who decided to give Pink Office […]