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What is your “Why?”

A dear friend of mine had her MK business sitting on a shelf for a couple of years. It was sitting back there like Christmas decorations or a waffle iron. Waiting for just the right day. That day came when it became necessary to put her son in a private school. She needed a way […]

Wear what you sell, personal use

I know you are probably thinking that this is a no brainer. It is obvious that you should wear Mary Kay make up. You should use Mary Kay skin care. If you are a consultant there is with out a doubt no reason you should be doing anything other than having the full experience with […]

Features we love: Reports

How much am I spending on coffee during interviews? What about business attire? What were my total wholesale purchases last year? What am I spending on gas? These are the questions that only complete reporting can answer. When you started your business, you were excited and scared. You found Pink Office and felt relieved, you […]