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Get ready for bridal season!

Every spring, millions of couples get married. The bridal business is BIG. Are you taking advantage of this wonderful money making, customer building and team building opportunity? Here are some ideas on how to make bridal season work for you. First, you’ve got to meet the brides! Call bridal stores and offer to be a […]

6 most important business management tips for December

December is busy. There are presents to buy, to wrap and to give. Parties to attend and parties to host. There are friends and family members to see and best of all, December is a time to celebrate! Don’t let all that busy-ness get you too distracted. There are a few simple things you can […]

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Don’t miss out

Billions, that’s right, billions of dollars will be spent on black Friday. Shoppers will push and shove and some one will likely be injured. Though I hope greatly you miss out on the injury part of that scenario I hope that you are making a plan right now to not miss out on the financial […]