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Genuine Communication

In today’s world of quick texts, instant information and emoticons there seems to be a general lack of genuine human interaction.  Have you ever read an email and glanced down for the “like” button?  I don’t really WANT to respond.  I just want “Like” what you said.  Have you ever sent a happy face  after […]

It’s in your hands

Getting the word out about Pink Office has always been our biggest challenge.  Back in the days of a huge expo across the street from Seminar in Dallas, it was easy.  We’d stand and sweat in a semi air conditioned “tent” and give away tote bags to new users who decided to give Pink Office […]

Remember when you said “I do.”

Do you remember when you first fell in love?  You sat at that Mary Kay party and washed your face, I mean really washed your face for the first time in years.  You laughed with your friends and listened to the consultant talk about her dreams of becoming a director and winning a car, or […]