• It’s in your hands

    Getting the word out about Pink Office has always been our biggest challenge.  Back in the days of a huge expo across the street from Seminar in Dallas, it was easy.  We’d stand and sweat in a semi air conditioned “tent” and give away tote bags to new users who decided to give Pink Office […]

    Posted on 26th Feb 2015 0 comments
  • Remember when you said “I do.”

    Do you remember when you first fell in love?  You sat at that Mary Kay party and washed your face, I mean really washed your face for the first time in years.  You laughed with your friends and listened to the consultant talk about her dreams of becoming a director and winning a car, or […]

    Posted on 26th Jan 2015 1 comment
  • The blog post that stole Christmas

    I’m sitting here drinking my peppermint mocha coffee. The Christmas tree sparkles casting a reflective glimmer around the room.  All is quiet, all is peaceful.  Then, I look at my 6 most important list for today, and I see it.  I see, on the list I wrote myself, the task that keeps getting moved around […]

    Posted on 13th Dec 2014 0 comments
  • 5 Reasons you should make a holiday strategy NOW

    The Holiday selling and shopping season is upon us.  It’s October and you are probably thinking about trick or treating and buying Halloween Candy.  Here’s why you should be thinking about Christmas too.   5) It takes people time to plan. This one is pretty simple.  If you want to have parties, lots of parties in […]

    Posted on 19th Oct 2014 0 comments
  • Mary Kay said that every one has an invisible sign…

    I have been in and around the MK world for a long time now,  16 years in fact.  When I first started MK I had just gotten married and had moved to a new town, in a new state, where I knew no one.  One of the many ways that my director taught me to […]

    Posted on 6th Sep 2014 0 comments
  • Post Seminar

    You are back from Seminar and on cloud 9. Your sister consultants are at your unit meeting all reeling about the fabulous time they had and you promise your self that next year you will go.  It is very easy to feel that way right now.  To have those grand ideas and feel the excitement. […]

    Posted on 28th Jul 2014 0 comments
  • Affirmation? Share yours!

    A long time ago I wrote an affirmation.  I’m not currently “doing” Mary Kay.  Now I work for Pink Office but my Mary Kay time changed my life forever.  I learned time management and communication skills that I’m not sure I would have learned in any other way.  One of my favorite skills that I […]

    Posted on 10th Jun 2014 1 comment
  • Everybody Needs a Little Time Away

    I’m sitting now, on the patio of our vacation rental in Taos, New Mexico.  I’ve never been here before, it is just beautiful.   The weather is dry and just warm enough here in late May.  I did learn that there is a big difference between in the sun and out of the sun here.  Moving to the […]

    Posted on 18th May 2014 0 comments
  • There’s Really Nothing Fun about Taxes

    While April 15th has come and gone, taxes are still top of mind for most of us which is why we’d like to provide you with a tax resource guide that you can look over to make sure next year’s tax preparation is a little less painful. Proving You’re Legit. There’s nothing worse than feeling […]

    Posted on 18th Apr 2014 0 comments
  • Juggling Work & Kids

    With spring break here and summer right around the corner it’s quite possible you’re feeling some stress when you think about how you’re going to maintain your workload and your kids. Our team got together and talked about the things we’ve done to help manage our time. The one constant among all the ladies is […]

    Posted on 14th Mar 2014 0 comments
  • There’s an App for that!

    You may have heard that we released Pink Office 2.0 at the beginning of 2014, but what you may not know is that we now have an iPhone app too! It’s now easier than ever to keep your Mary Kay business up to date including importing/managing contacts, creating and sending invoices, managing your inventory and […]

    Posted on 6th Feb 2014 2 comments
  • Boosting Holiday Sales

    The holidays are upon us, so we’ve taken a minute to ‘pin’ up some great holiday home party ideas. Check out our Pinterest page to see for yourself all of the creative ways to  make your parties successful in the coming months. As you know, the more time and effort you put into a home […]

    Posted on 25th Nov 2013 0 comments
  • Selling the Y

    Kids these days… It’s difficult to get through to them right? How is it possible to keep their interest when it seems their faces are constantly glued to one screen or another? We really have two options here. 1. Say “forget it” and keep on keepin’ on with your current client base and grow your […]

    Posted on 23rd Oct 2013 1 comment

    As another new season is upon us, we have been seeing a lot of what’s to come in terms of fashion trends this fall. The changing of seasons is exciting. It means new scenery, fresh colors, and maybe even a new you. As direct saleswomen, we can take advantage of the excitement of ‘new’ and […]

    Posted on 17th Sep 2013 0 comments

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